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Green Economics – Essay Writing Prompt

It is quite encouraging today , most government leaders internationally find it easy in acting and talking openly about issues affecting the world economically. Politicians freely discus on ecological, political and social issues.

Green economics is the renewable energy examples are; geothermal, wind and solar, energy effectiveness skill and green building infrastructure, waste to energy and recycling. Green economics gears up the technology to result clean production process and create clean energy and use less amount of energy from lighting system to food production. Clean energy economy is the green economy.

Cities worldwide today are aspiring to grow green by use of natural resources well. All this aspiration is to create economic resources in order to achieve environmental excellence. Generally it’s been challenging in linking of economy, environment and equity which is the basics of development.

Development is said to be qualitative while growth is quantitative, for example, Increase in number jobs, income or even buildings, development rely on growth like reinvestment of resources from an initial income though development too compliments growth though after long time.

Various green principles need replacement of energy-efficient for usual inputs, which may require fewer labor input hence loss of jobs are in the rise. Based on joblessness, new policies are required to deal with jobless people and look for alternative for that green economy directly affects.

The goals of development here is to improve knowledge and business operations and get better and quality life in towns and employees human capital.

After some time, towns will be very competitive in the green economy, for this to be achieved, long-term investors, business incubators and marketing are the key to success to achieving green economics.