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Good assignment writers are hard to find

It’s true. They are, believe me. One of the problems today is that anyone who can speak reasonable English believes they can write reasonable English. If only it were true. There are some things in life where it is easy to prove if somebody can do what they claim to do.

For example, if someone claims they are a concert pianist, it can be very easy to prove if that is the case. But with assignment writers, anyone who can string a few sentences together can say, “Look I'm an assignment writer”. Of course the question though is, “Are they any good”?

What is a good assignment writer?

There are a number of qualities which every good assignment writer has and they are as follows.

  • ability to research different topics
  • ability to produce concise and interesting prose
  • ability to write a good headline
  • ability to stick to the subject
  • ability to produce the work on time
  • ability to communicate with the client

So having discovered what makes a good assignment writer, the obvious question is how do you find such a person or persons?

Fortunately there are online sites in which it is possible to discover good assignment writers. You have to know what you're looking for and you have to know how to avoid the not-so-good assignment writers. And that's pretty easy.

Work with a reputable assignment writer website. Choose a site or sites which have been in operation for many years. Look through the pen portraits of the hundreds, even thousands of freelancers on their books.

Place an ad on the website listing your precise assignment requirements. Sit back and wait for the bids. Don't necessarily choose an assignment writer because they are cheap. It can be a trap for young players.

Check out the experience, qualifications, particular skills and charges or fees of assignment writers who catch your eye. There are many of them and the key is making the best choice. Understand the difference between a freelancer who charges by the word and one who charges by the hour. If they charge by the hour, what mechanism is there for you to keep tabs on their work?

There are great assignment writers out there. Seek and ye shall find. If you know what you want from your writer, going online and searching can produce the best possible result.