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Defining an Ultimate Dissertation Writing Service

The pinnacle of a dissertation writing service would have to be one with great customer service and feedback. The feedback part is extremely important and really the only thing to identify those services. One suggestion is a simple search for reviews with the following queries:

  • “Essay writing services + reviews”
  • “Reviews for essay writing services”
  • “forums + essay writing services + reviews”

This will turn up some lists of the top sites through scouting and comparing pricing and actual testimony—not what you see on their sites. Spotting truly amazing writing services is becoming more and more difficult as the sites all start to look indistinguishable from each other. Some common traits are:

The Order Form

There’s always the order form. It’s literally required that a professional essay writing service have one. From here, you’ll setup how many pages you need, what kind of essay, the time window it’s needed in, the level of writer, and if you want proofreading.  The other things that you’ll setup are notes to the writer and the subject and topic you’ll want covered in the paper in addition to formatting.

Price Formula

The dissertation is usually the most expensive paper to handle. The formula for a dissertation is:

Type of paper (in this case dissertation) + time window + number of citations needed + level of writer x number of pages

You can also add on extras such as proof reading. Formatting, delivery, and making sure it’s free of plagiarism are usually free of charge.

Level of Writer

The level of writer is the glaring thing. They have several levels available yet you don’t particularly know if they have writers for these levels. There could be several writers to cover all areas and there could be no actual difference between the levels. Liken it to going to a new online store for the first time and seeing “40% off a can of beans” it will seem like a good deal for a can of beans compared to where you shop physically, but that can of beans could be their usual price, but with 40% tacked on to look appealing.

In short, the only way to definitely find an excellent dissertation writing service is to scout review sites and college forums or ask around. Don’t go by their testimonials.