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Sex Offender Reentry

Sex offender reentry is a series of practices that helps a sex offender reenter into society from incarceration. A number of sex offenders have problems making the change into society from prison due to their likelihood of getting in trouble again. A large number of sex offenders have been known to fall through the cracks of the legal system. Sometimes the sexual offender is at fault for not being in compliance. Other times it is the system for not having better regulations in place to keep the community safe. There are changes being made on both sides that could help everyone see much need progress.

Sex offenders are known to serve long sentences in correctional facilities. They may have committed sex-related crimes on minors or have a history of doing inappropriate acts with other people. Some people feel these individuals may need help beyond prison walls. This is where their abilities get put to the test when they are back in society. They may not be allowed to live in certain areas where children congregate. They may not be able to apply for certain jobs. They will be required to register their address and check in with a probation officer. There are so many things they need to do, but is this helping them or hurting them?

Sex offenders have different regulations to follow because of their status. Some people may not completely understand this, but it varies for each offender depending on their history. Some work full or part time employment based on skills they acquired behind bars. There are prisons and correctional facilities that provide support for them, but many feel it is not enough to help some of those with serious problems. Few sex offenders end up getting in trouble again, but it may be for a crime that is different from what they served time for.

There are sex offenders that find it frustrating and difficult to live by the rules. They may not be allowed to live or be in an area where kids live. They may not be allowed to have certain items in their home that is could be used to lure children such as candy or comic books. They are expected to provide a report of their activities and show they can be productive and stay out of trouble. Even though many try some find it hard to break the cycle and end up behind bars again.