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How To Find Good Assignments For Sale?

Question: I am a student enrolled in a handful of classes this semester at my local community college, although I’ve been keeping up with my coursework this last few weeks have been particularly overwhelming and I’ve found myself falling behind in my English Literature Class, I am in desperate need of a well-written Moby Dick essay before Wednesday. Where can I find a good writing assignment for sale on such a tight deadline?

My heart breaks a little when I see posts like this online, students looking to buy their writing assignments because they have run out of time. Individuals in my line of work, professional content writing often end up taking these jobs because heck- money is money. However, I can’t help but feel a little built guilty taking the money of students because it wasn’t too long ago that I was one myself.

Honestly, I understand where these students are coming from College and University curriculums can be extremely overwhelming at times, not to mention the amount of writing that these students are required to do is incredible. Most instructors opt to assign written reports and essays instead of testing because it more accurately illustrates a students understanding. What they fail to realize is that not everyone is a great academic writer, they may understand the topics which are being covered completely but still struggle when it comes time to re-state this information in a paper. This is especially true for students who struggled with report writing in High School and barely slipped by graduating.

Now in College, these students are expected to deliver essay after essay, report assignment after report assignment, while being graded not only on their ideas but on their ability to compose a properly formatted essay with a strong thesis statement. Many students, who are conscious of their GPA feel as if they are almost being forced to choose between buying their assignments and dropping out, and instructors are no help many of them do not offer preliminary draft reading before the deadline.

Looking For Writing Assignments For Sale

These desperate students turn to the Internet to buy online assignments only because they feel pressure to do so. The stress of deadlines and getting good grades drive them to enlisting the services of professional writers and freelancers to complete their work.

Although this isn’t the same as plagiarism, doesn’t it contradict the whole point of academic learning? Some things in these institutions need to change if they don’t want their students to continue to buy their assignments online.