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What Is The True Purpose Of Homework: Tips To Take Into Account?

Homework is designed to have students practice what they have learned in class. It is a fact that most people will not be able to retain all of the information that they see and hear. Many people need to have a combination of applying, seeing, and hearing to retain much of what they learn. That is the main reason why you are asked to do homework. This is the basis for the concept but there are some other very important reasons why you have to do your homework and why it is assigned.

Evaluation tool

Homework is also an evaluation tool. It can be used by you as an evaluation tool to get an idea of what you still need to learn. It can be used by your teacher to gauge how well they are getting the message across to the class as well. It is also used to determine your grade to help you, your parents, and your teacher know where you stand in understanding the concepts that are being taught.

The only problem with this is that if your teacher has learned that they may not have done such a good job teaching you and your class the lesson and you all get a failing grade or zero on the homework, it still counts towards your grade. Definitely a downfall. Most of the time the teacher has already gotten the kinks out and has taught the same lesson to many students over the years and learned how to avoid this phenomena. Some teachers will also give you a chance to drop your lowest grade as well. This may be because the majority of the class did poorly on the assignment.

Learning tool

The homework is definitely a learning tool. When you practice completing a problem, you get better at it. This is the same reason why people go to driving ranges and batting cages and spend half of the day shooting foul shots. When you keep practicing the problems, you will get better at completing them. It is such a great way to master many of the concepts that you have been taught.

One thing is for sure though. If you aren’t doing the practicing right, you aren’t helping yourself at all. That is the only downfall of doing the homework at home. If you don’t really know how to do it and you don’t have someone at home to teach you, it really isn’t helpful at all and is actually the opposite.