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3rd grade math homework help: useful tips for students

Not all students have an affinity for math, and while some may be fine when working with the teacher or their parents, doing homework can be much more intimidating. These tips will help students in the third grade who are struggling with completing their math homework.

  • Review the examples in the textbook.
  • Sometimes, the answer is right there in the text, but a flustered student may not think to check. Review the chapter information for the assignment that’s been given, and see if it offers any clues as to how to complete it.
  • Use an online calculator.
  • There are plenty of online calculators students can use. Of course, they could use a regular calculator as well, but when doing homework it’s almost always required that that student write out their work to show the process by which they arrived at the answer. Online calculators can actually do this—they’ll show not only the answer but the whole process for the student to write out.
  • Plan to do homework when someone can help.
  • If doing the homework solo just isn’t working, try and plan ahead and schedule homework for a time when a sibling, friend, or parent can help. If the student has a friend in the same class, it can be a great excuse to hang out on a school night, too.
  • Take a break.
  • Sometimes it’s frustration rather than lack of ability getting in the way. Taking a five minute break to have snack, walk around the block, or just get some fresh air can help.
  • Try a homework help site online.
  • There are websites online which can help with homework. Some are question and answer forums, while others have tutors that IM with students.
  • Get a traditional tutor.
  • If scheduling homework for a time when there’s someone around to help isn’t cutting it, having a traditional tutor can make all the difference. Sometimes teachers will assign an older student to help, and it doesn’t even cost anything. Of course, there are also paid tutors, and depending on the level of difficulty a student is having, they may be the better option.
  • Make homework fun.
  • While homework should be done without distractions, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Having rewards for homework completed early, for example, can make it more fun and exciting to do and put the child in a better state of mind.