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Top 10 Controversial Research Paper Topics

Some of the most talked about controversies often make the best research papers.  They offer viewpoints that get people hyped up, emotional and argumentative.  Whether you are looking for something to write about for debate purposes or you want to give your side of the story on something you are passionate about, controversial topics allows you to see different perspectives that exercise thoughts and personal voice.  People will have their own opinion in deciding which topics should be on a top 10 list, but the following suggestions have true potential.

  1.  Abortion. People have argued for decades that the process is wrong and people don’t have the right to “play God.” Yet, some feel the act is acceptable in unfortunate circumstances such as rape, incest or if a woman’s health is being threatened.
  2. Animal rights. Despite developments and contributions animal testing has provided over the years, animal activists have plenty to argue about.  Testing on animals has helped researchers understand a wide variety of concepts better in order to produce better products, but activists make valid points on why animals should be treated better. 
  3. The death penalty. People are either for it or against it.  Many feel that no matter what crime was committed, taking another person’s life isn’t going to fix the problem.  There are so many people on death row it’s obvious there are issues in the way the government handles the situation.  
  4. The lottery. Who doesn’t love the concept of winning free money and prizes? Yet, the lottery rakes in billions annually but we are still stuck on how to get money for more important issues (homelessness, poverty, etc.). 
  5. Gay rights. Same-sex marriage, same-sex couples and how they want to raise a family continue to infuse heated arguments.  Many feel the act is against religion while others recognize these couples have feelings too.
  6. Women’s rights. Modern society offers opportunities for everyone, yet many still feel women shouldn’t be entitled to the same opportunities as men.
  7. Gun control. Guns kill thousands every year, especially when they get in the wrong hands.  Some wish to get rid of them altogether while others feel it is too easy to own one.
  8. Religion in schools. Prayer in schools continues to be a problem.  Some feel it is inappropriate for children while many feel it may help children get along with each other better.
  9. Ways to handle government debt. People are split on how governments decide on what to cut and how much to spend. 
  10. God Existence.  Many truly belief a higher power exists, while others wonder how else could the world came about.