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Coping with Math Assignments

For some students, dealing with math assignments is a complex and frustrating chore. For others, it could be a full-filled activity. If you are a school student, chances are you have to deal with math assignments. Since you can’t avoid them, what you can do is find a friendly approach toward them.

Without any preparation, some students jump right into their math assignments. When they get stuck on one of the problems, they just flip to the back of the book to seek for an answer. Then they simply copy down the answer and stop working on it. This is definitely not the proper way to handle math assignments.

The truth is, there is no fast solution for anyone to become a math expert overnight, but if you use the following ideas, you may actually turn your math assignments into an entertainment.

The first thing to do when dealing with a math assignment is to get the glimpse of the problem, and try to understand its nature. You can refer to your textbook for material that relates to your assignment. When you get stuck with a math problem, try to find the location of a completed problem with similar complexity. Reviewing the notes from class is a clever move towards completing your math assignments. Chances are, you could have worked out a lot of math problems with the same structure of your assignment problems.

When it comes to math problems, there is a bad habit that’s common among a lot of students. They try to memorize the steps of solving a complex math problem, and present them in their assignment paper. However, when similar problems are required to be solved in a test, they cannot solve it on their own and end up getting bad grades.

When solving a math problem, try being as neat as you can. Explain each step in detail, so in case you get stuck in one of the steps, you can try to refer back to the derivation of the particular step.

Make notes about deviating steps and important formulae. So when a complex problem is given to you, you can refer to the notes and easily solve the problem. Generally speaking, math problems have a single clue that reveals the key of unlocking the answers. So all you need to do is finding the clue. If you are facing a very difficult problem and in a position where you can’t proceed with the problem, don’t hesitate about calling your teacher.