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The Risks Of Using Free Online Math Homework Help

If you ask anyone, no matter how knowledgeable they are in Math, no matter what their age, if they are truthful they will admit that at one point they experienced difficulty with their Math homework.

When you feel that you just can’t cope with your Math Homework; that it is just all in a code with no way to access a code breaker; your option may be to chance using a free online Math Homework Help. But, beware there are risks!

If this is a pathway you may choose, take care as nothing is ever truly free.

Risk 1

Do your research; check out the Math Homework Sites.

  • Check that the site actually offers what they say they do.
  • Check for recommendations. If there are no recommendations, the advice of not to use the site.
  • Check that the site has Math tutors rather than tutors that do Math.

Risk 2

Is the help actually free?

  • Make sure that you the site is not just offering a ‘free trial’.
  • Be wary if they say they are free but insist you provide a credit or debit card details.
  • Check whether they just give you the answer to your problem but ask for payment if you require an explanation of the ‘working out’.

Risk 3

Check that the site actually acknowledges the syllabus you are studying.

  • This is important, because if they don’t you may have problems.
  • Don’t just check out the syllabus and the level; check that they have tutors who speak the same language as you. No matter how good the tutors are, sometimes there is a lot lost in translation. If you were confused before you will be doubly confused.
  • Does the website guarantee the quality of the work?

Risk 4

Solving the long term problem.

  • Think carefully, is it a first time problem with your Math homework or is it a continual problem.
  • If this is a first time problem, then you may need to go back to you tutor and ask if they can offer some helpful suggestions. They will either go through the concepts involved in the homework or they will suggest some further exercises that may be helpful.
  • If this is a long term problem you may benefit from being part of a study or homework group; get some private tutoring or sign up for extra Math classes.

Risk 5

If you use a Math Homework site, how will it help?

  • In the rest of the course?
  • In future employment?
  • In future courses?