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The Most Efficient Method To Handle English Homework Assignments

Whether you have been handed an essay or a book to read and take notes on, sometimes it feels like your English teacher assigned that homework just to annoy you. There’s all your other work to finish, your after school job to do, and you have the tryouts for your sports team or acting club as well. They say that colleges and employers like well-rounded individuals, and that comes from doing more than just studying, but how are you going to fit it all in?

This is where you have to understand what homework is really about. People give all sorts of reasons as to why you have to do homework, like “it lets your teacher know if you understood what you were told” or “you need to reinforce what you learned that day” but really you’ll find that doing work after school is all about time management. Once you figure out how to work to a schedule, you’ll find you can do all of your extra-curricular activities and still have time to watch your favorite TV shows.

To work efficiently at any project you have to spend less time staring at the wall and more time just getting on with it. One of the basic problems with homework is that you have spent all day at school and you are exhausted. That’s not the best attitude to attempt your English assignments.

Planning your time efficiently

  1. First of all get your energy levels up. Take a break and a healthy snack to unwind before getting started.
  2. Write out a homework timetable. With that in place you’ll be able to see where your extra-curricular stuff can fit in.
  3. Make sure before you start work you have everything you need close to hand so you don’t end up distracted by having to get up and collect stuff.
  4. Chatting to your friends on your cell phone or social media is worse than staring at the wall when it comes to getting your work finished on time. Switch off all distractions.
  5. Do the easy assignments first to get you into the swing.
  6. When taking notes on a book reading assignment, write a brief outline of your thoughts rather than jot down a couple of words. That makes it easier to refer back to when writing the book report.
  7. Do big projects a little bit at a time, and remember that when a teacher hands out a deadline for two weeks they expect more content than for an overnight assignment.
  8. An outline always makes essay writing easier.

And always remember to reward yourself when everything runs smoothly.