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Math Homework Help for Primary School Students

Best ways to help with math homework

The homework that children go through in today’s times is so much different than the homework you had went through when you were younger, but even though the homework is different the approach to getting it done is still the same. Things to keep in mind when it comes to helping your child with homework, especially math homework, are all still the same ideas in mind though. So the next time you are guiding your child through math homework, keep in mind some of the following ideas:

  • See where your child thinks they should start off at
  • When going over the directions find out what they do and do not know about the topic
  • See if they have how to solve the problem in their notes or not
  • Have them see if they can contact another student from the class and see if they can go over the work together
  • See if there is a problem from the class or the book that is similar
  • Encourage them to draw it out
  • If there is still a struggle, consider asking the teacher for advice and or some recommendations
  • Ask them questions that can guide them to a certain part of a problem, like “could you have solved this problem any other way,” “what should you do next,” “did you actually answer the question or not,” and more
  • If more help is still needed, you could try looking for help online, some students respond better to learning that way
  • Do not ever just out right do the homework for your child, only help, or they will never learn properly
  • Remember that your child’s attitude towards math will be impacted by whatever your attitude towards math is

Math is known as the tedious subject and a lot of people just naturally dislike math, so however you feel towards math is how your child will feel about math unless you teach them otherwise. For example, show your child that no matter what you do you are also a mathematician. Point out how you can use math all the time on a daily basis, and since math can be used all the time and for a lot of different things you can show that math can be fun and that without math society and people would not be as advanced as it is today.